Sharp at it for over 20 years

I make my knives by hand in my workshop in Omakau. I control all parts of the process, from forging, grinding and hardening blades to making the boxes that carry them. Mainly I use D2 steel or make Damascus (pattern welded) steel for the blade, but have a number of stainless and non stainless alternatives. For knife handle material I prefer NZ native timbers or bone.
My first workshop was located in Crewetown Christchurch and in 2010 I moved to Ophir in Central Otago and set up a workshop in the nearby Omakau.

“Peter’s work is the real deal. His knives are beautiful and deadly sharp. I’d take one to a gun fight.”       Al Brown.

“Good grief these knives are fantastic. Obviously our customers like them too, as we’re constantly buying replacements due to them getting slipped into handbags.”   Simon Gault.